The EISRI 2013 edition focused on the influence of communication and media on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and was designed to create a unique opportunity for intersectoral and interdisciplinary discussions between leading stakeholders to:

Continue the conversation initiated during the “Science in Dialogue” Conference held during the Danish presidency to develop a European model for Responsible Research and Innovation;

Explore the role of media in the European model for Responsible Research and Innovation;

Facilitate the formation of professional networks, knowledge sharing, and exchange of best practices;

Come up with concrete recommendations on what has to be done in the short terms at a European level to reach the long term objectives of smart, inclusive and sustainable growth;

As outlined in the framework for Responsible, Research and Innovation (RRI), the grand societal challenges have a better chance of being tackled if all societal actors are fully engaged in the co-construction of innovative solutions, products and service. Thus RRI was developed in order to foster the creation of a Research and Innovation policy driven by the needs of society and engaging all societal actors via inclusive participatory approaches. The RRI approach is supported via six keys that will be addressed during the conference: