Professor Dr. Wolfgang Plischke

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Plischke has been a member of the Board of Managementof Bayer AG since March 1, 2006. He is responsible for Technology, Innovation andSustainability, and for the Asia/Pacific region. From July 1, 2002 until his appointmentto the Bayer AG Board, he was a member of the Bayer HealthCare Executive Committeeand head of the Pharmaceuticals Division.

Wolfgang Plischke was born in Stuttgart, Germany on September 15, 1951. He studiedbiology at Hohenheim University before starting his career in 1980 with Bayer’ssubsidiary Miles Diagnostics. In 1995 he became President of Bayer Yakuhin Ltd., Japan,with responsibility for Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Care. In 2000 Prof. Dr. Plischketook over as head of the Pharmaceuticals Business Group in North America.

In January 2002 he was appointed head of the Pharmaceuticals Business Group at BayerAG with responsibility for the global business with prescription drugs.

Prof. Dr. Plischke also holds a number of offices outside of Bayer AG. He is a memberof the board of the Walter Siegenthaler Society, the German Asia-Pacific BusinessAssociation and the Robert Koch Foundation. In addition, he is a member of the boardsof trustees of the Paul Ehrlich Foundation and the German Chemical Industry Fund.Prof. Dr. Plischke is also Vice President of the European Chemical Industry Council(CEFIC) as well as the chairman of the Programme Council “Research and Innovation”.

In July 2011 Wolfgang Plischke was appointed honorary professor for BusinessChemistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Plischke is married and has two sons.